Fla. FF Busted for Stealing Meds, Again


A firefighter who was arrested on charges of stealing thousands of prescription pills from Port Orange residents was arrested again after more people came forward with similar complaints, police said.

Michael Michaud faces additional charges of burglary after police said he stole medication from homes he responded to.

Last week, police arrested Michaud after four people complained the firefighter used excuses to return to their homes. They said he left with their prescription pills.

Police said they found 12,000 pills prescribed to other people inside Michaud's home. Most of the pills were prescribed to a deceased person. Investigators said they also found used syringes and other drug paraphernalia.

Police said other residents came forward with similar complaints, bringing forth additional charges. Police said there may yet be other charges.

Michaud was arrested on his way out of a bank Tuesday morning.

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