Four Injured in Ohio Apartments Fire


Twelve people were forced out of their homes early Sunday due to a fire.

Dispatchers said the fire started just before 3 a.m. in the 3900 block of Picadilly Square in Union Township. Fire crews had to call in extra units to douse the flames.

Firefighters said thee apartments were gutted, and the residents had to be rescued by firefighters.

Two people were treated for smoke inhalation on the scene of the fire, paramedics said. Two others were taken to Mercy Hospital in Anderson, fire crews said.

The fire chief said he is concerned because police officers were called to the apartment that initially caught fire just hours before the fire started. Investigators said the call was due to a domestic dispute.

"It was just like a dream, like it wasn't us it was happening to," fire victim Susan Wells said.

Wells and her husband live on the top floor of the building. They had to be rescued along with two other residents.

"I praise God and I thank the firemen and I thank everyone for helping us and getting us out. Because honestly, toward the end there I didn't think they were going to get us out in time because I couldn't breath," Wells said.

Susan's daughter said she rushed to be with them after learning about the fire.

"She's like, 'We couldn't get out,' and you know, that really broke my heart. I'm like, 'I'm so sorry mom' and I just held on to her and I'm so thankful people were there to help get them out," Amanda Evans said.

Although many of the victims lost everything, Wells said the fire gave her perspective.

"We lost everything that we had, which wasn't much, but we have each other," Wells said.

The Red Cross is helping the affected families.

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