Ky. Animal Control Officer Rescues 13 Pets


Residents of an Independence apartment complex call one of their neighbors a hero, even though she wants nothing to do with the title.

Amy Leslie, an animal control officer who also happens to be four months pregnant, sprung into action Tuesday afternoon when an apartment building on Richardson Road caught fire.

She ran into the burning building, going door to door, and rescued two dogs, six cats, a snake, a bearded dragon lizard, some goldfish and a lovebird.

"Doing what she did was pretty outstanding," said resident Roger Price.

Price said his wife was frantic after escaping the fire.

"Once she got out here, she realized, you know, the cat and everything was in there," he said.

Amy Leslie returns a dog to its owner. The dog was one of 13 pets that she rescued from the fire.

After Leslie was done gathering up the pets, residents realized there was still a rabbit inside the building.

"Everyone was looking for the rabbit. By God, (Leslie) went in there and found that rabbit," said resident Tonya Stouder. "She was absolutely amazing."

Residents were allowed back into their apartments Wednesday to briefly collect some of their belongings.

Leslie was back out at the apartment complex too -- still shying away from the attention of TV cameras -- helping her neighbors try to put their lives back together.

The Independence fire chief said investigators believe a smoker may be to blame for the fire.

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