Pa. Crews Deal With Storm Aftermath



A line of strong storms moved through the Pittsburgh area Friday causing major damage.

A wind gust pulled the installation out of the ceiling at the Rochester Inn Hardwood Grille in Ross Township as patrons were eating dinner. "I just walked away from my table. I heard a noise and turned around. My table was covered when the ceiling fell," Monell Hastings said.

The restaurant was evacuated while the structure was inspected. The dining area remained closed.

Firefighters and rescue workers rushed from one emergency to another, including a fire at a house a few miles away from the Rochester Inn on Wellington Drive in West View.

The homeowner was inside with his mother and a baby when a bolt of lightning struck the rooftop. "I saw a flash of lightning and yelled. 'I think we were just hit by lightning,'" Fred Kim said.

The family recently spent about $60,000 renovating the house. "In the end it could've been worse. We'll make it," Kim said.


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