Fla. FFs Fired for Making 'Dirty Calls'


Two Orange County firefighters were fired for allegedly making dirty phone calls to their boss, and Wednesday they fought to get their jobs back.

The firefighters claimed the chief broke the law before he fired them by illegally tracing their calls.

The board decided not to make a decision Wednesday. The safety director said there are grave allegations being made and he wants to see more proof.

Anthony Devereaux and Pete Grossmueller are fighting for their jobs after they were fired for making prank calls to their boss. The calls were traced back to Deveraux's home number. They claim management's information isn't valid and they should get their jobs back.

The two also denied making the calls.

They either obtained it illegally or fabricated it, Public Safety Director Mike McCoy said.

Earlier this year Lt. Gina Yeager said she received harassing phone calls at Fire Station 52. She said the caller seemed drunk and made crude remarks such as, 'I'm paying a $1.99 a minute for sex talk, and you better start talking dirty to me.

The investigator, Chief Vince Preston said he got the number from another chief. He also Googled the number and it led back to Devearuez.

I received the phone number from Hepker on a sticky pad and had a conversation with him, Chief Vince Preston said.

Union representatives say there are no official reports that shows a name and phone number. Also, Deverauex's home number was disconnected before the prank calls were made.

Chief Preston said that information was never given to him until Wednesday.

The grievance board decided not to make a decision because board members want to see official paper work from the phone companies.

I am concerned about how we go that number. I am concerned about the document, it was fraudulently presented today or a mistake was made, McCoy said.

The firefighters say they don't know who made the calls.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is also conducting a criminal investigation for harassment. That report has not been released.

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