Ohio Fire Burns Thousands of Cars

DAYTON, Ohio --

Dayton Fire Chief Herbert Redden said the public health alert was canceled after tests showed no harmful toxins are present in a smoke cloud from a scrap yard fire. He said the EPA will continue to monitor air quality around the city and may irritate those people with breathing problems.

"At this point, there are no contaminants in the smoke," said Chief Redden.

The plume of smoke can be seen for miles as the fire rages at Franklin Iron and Metal on First Street in Dayton. Jennifer Williams said, "We first thought it was just the fog, but then we saw the big plume of smoke and it was absolutely amazing."

Redden said fighting the fire has become a costly effort with 1,200 gallons of foam used so far to try and suppress the fire. Over 3,000 cars and thousands of appliances are fueling the flames that we first reported around 4:30 a.m. Thursday.

"The white smoke that you see is where the foam is becoming effective. The dark is where it is burning the contents of the cars," said Redden.

News Center 7 Reporter Gabrielle Enright was on the scene all day Thursday and reported hearing numerous explosions. Fire officials believed the explosions were caused by gasoline still in the cars in the scrap yard.

District Chief Flemming said, "There is no way we can put it out. All we can do is try to keep what is not burning from burning."

Authorities said a firefighter from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base collapsed due to heat exhaustion and was taken to the hospital. He is expected to be okay.

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