Council Decides Not to Fire Iowa Chief


Late Monday night the Carlisle City Council decided to suspend Fire Chief Scott Burger without pay for six months. Under the suspension Burger will also not be allowed on medical calls for one year, beginning May 11.

The city council met with Burger in a closed door session for more than two hours Monday night. Burger has been suspended since April 29.

Burgers suspension began after a Carlisle resident complained about the fire chiefs behavior on a medical call. The resident, who only wanted to be referred to by his first name, said Burger acted strangely. He started squirting this gel into her mouth and she started choking. She was gagging on it, John said.

A police report from April 29 indicated Burger was intoxicated during that medical call. Records show Burger blew a .152 on the breathalyzer test at the fire station after he returned from the call.

Burger refused to comment about his suspension Monday night. More than a dozen members of the Carlisle Fire Department showed up at the council meeting to support him.

The suspension comes with a few stipulations. He shall undergo a chemical dependence evaluation and comply with its findings and complete a chemical dependency awareness program, said council member Doug Hammerand.

The council also wants Burger to refrain from talking with fire and rescue personnel about fire operations for the next six months. The council will vote on whether to approve his reinstatement once the six months is over.

The council has appointed the assistant fire chief to take over the chiefs duties for now.

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