Police Say Iowa Chief Drunk at Call



A police report indicates that the Carlisle fire chief was intoxicated when he responded to a 911 call last week.

The report offers details about the incident and how Chief Scott Burger broke department policy.

According to the report, a Carlisle police officer who confronted Burger after the incident said Burger admitted to drinking two beers, which he also acknowledged was against policy.

The report said, "Mr. Burger provided a sample of breath, which indicated his breath-alcohol content at 0.152." The legal limit in Iowa is 0.08, nearly half of the test result.

In the report, emergency crews from Frasier Medical Services who also responded to the 911 case said Burger was acting unprofessionally.

"They described Mr. Burger's behavior as 'just not right' and 'goofy,'" the report said. "They advised that Mr. Burger's behavior was unprofessional because he was very close to the individual's face with his own."

Another officer's report said, "Two of the men had direct contact with Chief Burger and they stated he was actually hindering their ability to help the situation."

The man who called 911 to report his wife's diabetic shock said he didn't know that the emergency responder who came to his home intoxicated was the fire chief.

He said the man wasn't being much help and was actually getting in the way.

"He made two attempts and both times, he didn't have the dexterity to put the blood on the end of the strip," the man said. "At that time, I said, 'No, let me do this.'"

Burger has been placed on administrative leave.


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