SUV, Fire Truck Collide in Indianapolis



A woman and two firefighters were injured Monday in a wreck between a Beech Grove fire truck and an SUV.

The crash happened just after 4 p.m. at the intersection of Troy and Perkins avenues.

The fire truck, with its light and sirens on, was responding to a call of a reported building collapse when it was involved in a collision with an SUV.

The impact pushed both vehicles off the road and into the parking lot of a nearby Village Pantry.

Both vehicles were badly damaged. One hit a gas pump, causing a small gas spill, but it did not catch fire.

"It could have been a concern. Most of them have safety features built in, but their safety switches are inside, as well as outside, so they were able to get that shut down," said Beech Grove fire Capt. John Bishop. "I'm sure the employees probably hit the stop switch pretty quickly."

The woman driving the SUV and two firefighters were taken to area hospitals. The firefighters' injuries were believed to be minor. The woman's condition was not released.

The original building collapse call turned out to be a downed utility pole.

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