18 Towns Fight Connecticut Mill Fire

NORWICH, Conn. --

Fire crews from more than a dozen cities and towns were called to fight a blaze at the Capehart Mill in Norwich Tuesday morning.

The fire was reported at about 3 a.m. at the mill on North Main Street.

Fire officials said crews from 18 cities and towns worked to get the fire under control and federal agents were called in to determine the fire's cause.

The fire is the third at an abandoned building in the city in the past week. On Sunday morning, an abandoned building on terminal way went up in flames. Later in the day Sunday, a fire was reported at a former club on Boswell Avenue.

"I called in the state and ATF to investigate. There seems to be a recent problem with structure fires so they'll help us figure this out," said Norwich Fire Chief Kenneth Scandariato.

Scandariato said the fire was dangerous to fight because of the structure of the building, but said no one was injured. He said the fire posed no risk to the environment.

Multiple roads surrounding the mill were closed while crews battled the blaze. North Main Street was closed from Central Avenue to North Main Street; the Eighth Street Bridge was closed; and all side streets from Second Street to Eighth Street were closed.

Officials are investigating the cause of the fire.

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