Conn. Blaze Damages Five Homes

MILFORD, Conn. --

A three-alarm fire that began in a vacant Milford home Sunday morning spread to four other homes, fire officials said.

Flames broke out just before 4 a.m. at the vacant home on Laurel Avenue. Fire officials said the fire then spread to four other multi-family homes nearby.

Two of those homes sustained serious fire damage, while the others had some damage to the outside, fire officials said. The vacant home was completely destroyed.

"If this were 4 in the afternoon, we would be here more quickly, 4 in the morning is different, and houses so close together is why it spread so fast," said Capt. Christopher Zak of the Milford Fire Department.

About 60 firefighters from Milford and nearby towns were called to battle the blaze.

"I woke up, looked out the window and the house was totally full blaze, kind of surreal," said witness Connie Henshaw.

No one was hurt, but one firefighter was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Pat Delmonico lives in the home that faces the abandoned house.

"It just hit me, I was in shock," Delmonico said. "I just broke down in tears, to have nothing, not be able to go inside your home, it's sad."

The American Red Cross said they are helping at least 10 people with temporary lodging, emergency clothing and food needs.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. Neighbors said the abandoned units were to be demolished and had created problems in the past, with kids using it as a place to do drugs.

"It's sad people that live around here have to pay for something that should have been done awhile ago," Delmonico said.

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