Two People Hit by Lightning in Texas

HOUSTON, Texas --


Two people were hospitalized after lightning struck during a soccer game at a field in southwest Houston, Sunday morning.

The Houston Fire Department said at least one man was struck by lightning during the pick-up soccer game at Spring Forest Middle School on Memorial Drive.

Other players who were on the field said they saw a lightning flash, took cover then saw a player on the ground. Witnesses said he'd been carrying a folding metal chair.

Firefighters and paramedics said one of the players who gave the man CPR likely saved his life.

"Luckily, they had started CPR, ... the bystanders," said firefighter Jesus Rodriguez. "Learn how to do CPR and stay away from the lighting from bad weather."

Habib Kaddor, the player who administered CPR, is a full time student and certified as an emergency medical technician.

"I hope, you know he's gonna get safe...back safe to (his family). He can hug his kids and see his kids and his wife again," said Kaddor.

A second man who was standing near the victim was also hospitalized. Officials said he was not as seriously hurt.


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