Nevada Woman Hit by Fire Truck


A 77-year-old Boulder City woman underwent surgery on her legs Thursday after she was hit by a fire truck at a mobile home park.

Nyla Proctor was outside her home Sunday night as firefighters were responding to a power outage. Neighbors said she was stuck between a fire truck and a barricade and couldnt get out of the way when the truck backed up and ran over her legs.

"If she had been able to step over that little barrier, she would have been fine," said neighbor Charles Murphy.

A representative for University Medical Center said Proctor was in serious condition.

Boulder City Police Chief Thomas Finn said the case was turned over to Henderson police in order to avoid any bias or appearance of a bias when the public reviews the outcome.

Finn said the firefighters were given drug tests after the accident, but the results havent been released due to the ongoing investigation.

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