Campaign: 'Put Yourself in Our Boots'

In an effort to make workplaces safer for emergency services providers, a Western Canada foundation has released several public service announcements (PSAs) aimed at educating business owners about unsafe practices that could be hazardous to...

In addition to the PSA, the JPMF campaign also features a DVD that provides a summary of workplace and traffic safety tips and calls on viewers to think about workplace safety from a different perspective, particularly that of someone entering an unfamiliar workplace after hours, in poor lighting and during highly stressful situations, such as a fire, medical emergency or a crime in progress.
The video, which is available for purchase through the foundation, has a safety quiz and extended interviews for safety training and recruit classes.
Campaign organizers are also pleading with the public for help getting the word out by asking them to check with their local television stations about airing the PSAs and asking all news outlets about their interest in doing stories about workplace safety and how it affects emergency responders. The kit has video, radio and print PSAs and can be downloaded to personal computers for use in communities.
"Ultimately, by making workplaces safer for emergency responders, we're making workplaces safer for everyone else," said Pope. "It's not just police officers, firefighters and paramedics who will benefit from this."
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