Pa. Barn Collapses, FFs Rescue Horses


A Westmoreland County man had to call for help to rescue five horses after his barn collapsed under the weight of heavy snow.

Bill Lasczko told Channel 4 Action News he went to the barn in Mount Pleasant Township around 11 p.m. Monday to feed his horses. That's when he realized the barn had collapsed under the weight of the snow.

Lasczko said five horses were trapped all night as he tried to dig his tools out to cut them free.

On Tuesday morning, Lasczko called for help.

Firefighters cut through the barn to free the animals, which did not suffer serious injuries.

Crews at the scene told Channel 4 Action News they believe there may have been three feet of snow on top of the barn.

Lasczko said four feet of snow has fallen in the area in the last 2 weeks.

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