Milwaukee FF is Victim of Hit-And-Run


A Milwaukee firefighter was hit by a car Thursday afternoon at the intersection of Holton Street and Keefe Avenue.

Engine 18 was responding to a two-car accident.

"I was sitting at the stop light waiting to turn and I got hit from behind," said Linda Brazil, who was in the accident.

The fire department's spokeswoman said Engine 18 was called to the scene of a car crash at 4:12 p.m. While at the scene another car struck the firefighter and fled the scene.

"We tried to stop the individual. He stopped and put the car in gear and he ran into my driver, put him up on the hood of the car," said Lt. Charles Stamschror of the Milwaukee Fire Department.

The Milwaukee Fire Department said the driver was pulling into the blocked off area they call the "hot zone."

Brazil was still in her banged up car when one of the firefighters at the scene became the victim.

"I heard them screaming at the man as he was coming through the barricade and they were trying to stop him. They kept coming and then he was tearing down the street," Brazil said.

The firefighter was taken to Columbia St. Marys Hospital for minor injuries.

The Milwaukee Police Department is searching for the hit-and-run driver.

"I was pretty upset. That's my driver. This is all our family here and when somebody gets hurt its like any other reaction. We wanted to grab the guy," Stamschror said.

An incident safety officer took the firefighter back to the firehouse after leaving the hospital with minor leg injuries.

The firefighter who was hit, was the driver of Engine 18, he said he "is expecting to be back to work in a few days."

The firefighter has been with the department for more than 16 years.

His fellow firefighters say they're also shaken up by the hit-and-run.

The Milwaukee Fire Department said the vehicle was a black two-door Mercedes with stolen plates.

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