Ethanol Tanker Rolls Over in Indiana

RANDOLPH CO., Indiana --

A tanker rig, loaded with ethanol, overturned Wednesday evening on Indiana Highway 227 in Randolph County near Union City, Ind.

A hazmat team and firefighters from several fire departments in Ohio and Indiana were called to the scene for precaution because the tanker was hauling ethanol.

Carrol Goode, a witness to the crash, said big gust of snow hit the tanker's windshield and that is when the driver lost control.

Goode said, "I called 911."

Fire crews said none of the ethanol spilled on the road, but the intersection of State Route 227 and 100 South was closed down for a couple hours. A few houses were also evacuated for precaution.

Fire crews said they had to empty the ethanol into another truck before flipping the tanker back upright.

There are no reports of injuries.

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