Ga. Mom Wants FFs Punished



It's a not so super Sunday for Trina McKibbens. Her son Martez isn't around to celebrate a very special day. "My baby would have been 22 years old today," said McKibbens.

Martez was shot and killed during a robbery at a Moreland Avenue package store last December. It's been a tough few months for Martez's brother Oantrreio.

"Waking up everyday and not having my brother by my side, it hasn't been the same. It never will be the same," he said.

Surveillance video captured the aftermath of the shooting, as three Atlanta firefighters walked in and walkout without so much as checking Martez McKibben's pulse.

Friday, after a 56-day internal investigation, the Atlanta Fire Department announced the firefighters actions did not contribute to McKibben's death, but they did violate protocol. The lieutenant involved in the incident received a two-day suspension. The other two firefighters received letters of reprimand.

McKibbens is outraged the men were not punished more.

"My son's life is priceless, its way more than that. More should have happened to them," she said. McKibbens said what hurts and angers her the most is the lack of apparent remorse from the fire department.

"From day one of this investigation until today, no one has tried to contact me or anyone in my family to say anything. Not even to say sorry," McKibbens said.

Despite finality of the report, McKibbens said her family will not give up seeking justice. When CBS Atlanta asked her if she planned to take legal action against the fire department, she said no comment.

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