Cards Left at Pa. Arson Sites



Two more cars were burned early Wednesday morning in York County. And once again, a trail of playing cards and a taunting note were left for investigators.

At about 3:15 a.m., a pickup truck was set on fire on Whitcraft Lane in Shrewsbury. About 40 minutes later, a van was set on fire on Meadow Street in New Freedom.

In both cases, mirroring three previous incidents going back to last week, playing cards were left at the scenes. There were written messages on some of them. One read, "All the kings are dancing. Seriously, stop trying."

Police said they are still trying to figure out the meaning of it all. Some of the victims find the whole thing very unsettling.

"You wake up and like, the car's right there … you don't know what's going to happen at this point, if the car's going to explode," said Natosha Frantz, whose pickup was destroyed. "It's an uneasy feeling, you know, because while you're sleeping, people are doing this."

Since last week, five vehicles in York County have been burned and playing cards left at the scenes.

Glen Rock Fires

On Monday, an arsonist left a trail of playing cards leading to two torched vehicles in Glen Rock, York County.

This was all that was left Monday morning of an SUV set on fire in York County. It's one of three vehicles burned in less than a week in the area.

"It disturbs me," said Southern Regional Police Chief Jim Childs. "There's someone out there who gets enjoyment out of seeing people's property be destroyed."

Two SUVs were set ablaze around 1 a.m. Monday. The scenes were about a mile apart. One was in the area of Hillside Terrace and Ridge Avenue and the other was in the 100 block of Park Avenue (see in the interactive map below for the locations of all the vehicle fires).

In each case, a trail of playing cards led to the burned vehicles. The incidents mirror a fire that happened late Jan. 25 or early Jan. 26 in Glen Rock. In that case, a trail of cards led from the front door of Erin Malone's home to her daughter's burned-out SUV.

Malone said the cards leading to the SUV counted down from 10 to 2 and that a final card, a joker, was placed near the vehicle. Malone wondered at the time if the attack was racially motivated.

"I have three biracial children that I have adopted and then I have three biological children. We live in a world that is very ignorant," Malone said.

However, at the scene of one of one of Monday's fires, two notes were written on the cards. One said, "This is not about race." The other card read, "We'll be back."

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