S.C. FFs Adopt Burned Out Family

GREER, S.C. --

A special bond between a boy and some Upstate firefighters has led to a helping hand for his family in a time of desperate need.

It started as a simple stroll by the fire station. Then it turned into an almost daily occurrence.

Like most young boys Lee McCrary is enamored with fire trucks.

Firefighter Danny Hoxie said, "We've known Lee since he was in a stroller. His grandmother would walk him by."

The 9-year-old boy has made more friends than he can count with both hands at the Greer Fire Department Headquarters.

When the alarm sounded Jan. 25 for a house fire on Palmer Street, firefighters cringed.

"Our first fear was they were inside," said Hoxie.

The family was home, but thankfully no one was hurt. The house was completely destroyed and has since been condemned.

The Red Cross provided temporary shelter for three days. Since then firefighters and neighbors have been scrambling to find a permanent solution.

A firefighter found a rental home not far from the station, but it needs a lot of work.

So on what should be their day off, firefighters took shifts making home improvements.

They are doing yard work, replacing blinds, and giving the entire house a fresh coat of paint.

"Knowing the family -- how they lived -- we adopted them," said Hoxie.

Even neighborhood postal workers are picking up paint brushes and collecting food for family.

"We're in a recession no one has money. But when community heard about family in need, help came out of woodwork," said Hoxie.

This good deed is on the fast track. The family needs to move in by Saturday. Until then firefighters and neighbors are putting family up in local hotels.

"What they can do on television in a week, we can do in two days," said Hoxie.

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