Ky. Capt. Fired for Harassing FF


Robert Heil, the former Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Protection District captain accused of harassing a fellow firefighter, has been terminated by the district's board.

The decision was made at a hearing at the district's headquarters on Wednesday night.

Chris Glass, another PRP firefighter, said that Heil had used a racial slur in his presence and wore a mock KKK uniform, which he said offended him.

Heil had the criminal charges against him dropped last week after completing community service and a racial sensitivity class.

Heil had been suspended without pay since the allegations surfaced in the spring of 2009.

After an hour of testimony, the board deliberated for about two hours and returned to announce the district would dismiss Heil for misconduct and a violation of equal protection policy.

WLKY News spoke with both sides after the decision was reached.

"We hope it sends the message that this conduct is not a joke gone wrong, it's not an isolated incident," Glass' lawyer, Vanessa Cantley, said.

"What we were trying to accomplish was reconciliation. The other side was not willing to pursue that objective so this is what we've got," Heil's lawyer, Thomas Clay, said.

The dismissal might not be the end of the case.

Glass's attorney left open the possibility of filing a civil case against Heil, while Heil's attorney left open the possibility of appealing Heil's termination to the circuit court.

Neither side would commit to taking either step on Wednesday night.

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