Ga. Man Killed in Diesel Explosion

TUCKER, Ga. --

Firefighters said an explosion at a non-operational gas station killed a man. He was working on the BP at the corner of Mountain Industrial Boulevard and Hugh Howell Road.

Alan Dobbs said he, his brother, his son and another man were contracted to work on the gas tanks.

Dobbs said, It just so happened so fast. It was a total explosion. I knew immediately."

At about 5 p.m. on Friday, a day at work changed Dobbs' family forever.

He said, "I just saw someone blow away in the air and was like, 'That's not my brother.'"

Larry Dobbs was underground working on the vapor line that captures vapors escaping from the gas tanks when something went wrong, causing an explosion rocked the nearby area.

Kareen Benjamin works nearby and said, It was just a real big bang. It shook the building and, actually, my ears are still ringing right now."

Captain Eric Jackson, Public Information Officer for DeKalb County Fire Rescue, said, It resulted in a fireball with no sustainable fire.

Dobbs said his brother ended up above ground. Another worker who was standing at the top of the manhole was injured and taken to the hospital.

Jackson said when firefighters arrived, smoke was pouring from several manholes. Concrete and pipes were also scattered around.

The gas station had been preparing to open. Three tanks are filled with fuel and one is empty.

Despite the explosion, firefighters said it was not necessary to evacuate the nearby businesses since they tested the area for vapors and found no fuel spills.

Alan Dobbs said he and his brother worked together on similar projects for 37 years. Larry Dobbs was living with his family in Newnan.

He said, "We've always kidded about we had some close calls, but we never planned on this."

Dobbs said another contractor will likely finish the job.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating.

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