Case Against Ky. Capt. Dismissed

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A judge dismissed the case against a Pleasure Ridge Park fire captain accused of harassing an employee.

Witnesses said Danny Heil repeatedly used racial slurs on the job and dressed up in a mock KKK uniform.

Heil was facing disorderly conduct and harassment charges. He apologized for his actions, but claimed he doesn't know why he did what he did.

Heil emerged from court relieved and grateful, aware that what he did was perceived as wrong.

"I realized that things can be hurtful mentally. Never my intentions. I'm not a racist man. I really respect this young man. He's a good firefighter," said Heil.

That firefighter, Christopher Glass, claimed last year Heil frequently used racial slurs at work.

"If anything, we would probably be making fun of the Klan. Then again, that's probably not an appropriate thing either. But, it never was the intent to hurt Chris," said Heil.

Heil had to perform 30 hours of community service with wayside mission and had to engage in racial sensitivity classes.

His teacher, Christopher 2X, met with him for three one hour sessions.

"He grew up in a world that he felt, at some level, that this is a joke. You can joke like this. I told Capt. Heil, Christopher Glass never looked at this as a joke," said 2X.

"I want Chris to know that there was no malintent," said Heil.

After the judge's decision, Heil faces judgment from the fire department's board. It will determine if he will return to work. If he does, he has to change perceptions about his racial perceptions.

"Time will tell. The only thing I can do is stand forth and know what I need to do and what never to do again," said Heil

Heil is on unpaid suspension.

He will face the board on Wednesday.

Glass and his attorney are expected to be there.

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