Pittsburgh Mayor Upset with FF Arrests

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Pittsburgh's mayor told Channel 4 Action News he's frustrated with a string of recent arrests of city firefighters.

Luke Ravenstahl told Channel 4 Action News' Bob Mayo that in the wake of several high-profile arrests he's pressing the fire bureau and union representatives to finals plans for drug testing for the department.

"The recent events are unacceptable. They've given the city a black eye. They’ve given the union a black eye. They've given the firefighters who protect our city and do the right thing a black eye and it has to change," said Ravenstahl.

In recent weeks, a number of Pittsburgh firefighters have been arrested on charges ranging from burglary to DUI.

Timothy Coyne, 23, a fourth-year firefighter from Engine Co. 7 in Stanton Heights, is facing burglary and assault charges stemming from an incident on Franklin Court in the South side.

Capt. Frank Becker Jr. was arrested in December after driving through an intersection without stopping. Cocaine was found in his car and his blood-alcohol level was twice the state's legal limit for drivers, police said

Also in December, firefighter William White was arrested after allegedly stealing a security vehicle at Rivers Casino and driving drunk as he fled from police.

In June, police arrested firefighter Vincent Manzella after he set off false alarms and then broke into a city fire station to steal money for drugs.

City officials are hoping a new random drug testing policy brings an end to the behavior.



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