Ohio Man Trapped on Roof During Fire

DAYTON, Ohio --

A man had to be rescued from the roof of a burning house Tuesday when a fire tore through it.

Authorities said a man was trapped on the roof of the porch, suffering from smoke inhalation. He was able to be rescued and treated.

Fire investigators said the fire happened around noon on the second floor of the Kiser Street house. However, a quick response from firefighters managed to keep it from spreading or becoming more destructive.

Debra Comer, who lives nearby, said, I was scared to death when I heard about it. I rushed over here.

Comer rushed to the house after she learned that her daughter, son-in-law and grandkids may be in trouble.

Firefighters arrived and found flames shooting from the structure. The house is a duplex and most of the damage was contained to one side.

Fire officials said a neighbor helped Comers daughter and grandchildren escape the fire. However, her son-in-law was apparently stuck on the second floor, breathing in heavy smoke.

District Fire Chief David Grahl said, He climbed through a window onto the back porch roof and he was taken off with the ground ladder.

Firefighters said they have ruled out arson as the cause of the fire. At this time, they are trying to determine if the fire was started by a child who lit a mattress on fire.

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