Helmet Saves Maryland Firefighter

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FREDERICK, Md. -- A helmet is being credited for doing its job -- protecting a firefighter.

On Tuesday, a firefighter with the Independent Hose Co. in Frederick, was injured while participating in ladder evolutions training.

It appears the wind blew over or caused a 28-foot ladder to slip. It then bumped into a 35-foot ladder which fell and struck Lt. Ricky Smith on the head, said Doug Orner, director of volunteer fire and rescue services.

Smith, who suffered a back and ankle injury, was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital for treatment.

His helmet sustained scrapes and dents.

Orner said it was fortunate that Smith was wearing the helmet.

"That helmet did its job. Had he not been wearing it, this could have been a life-threatening injury," he said.

The incident is being investigated by Mike Crawford, a safety officer with the Frederick County Department of Fire/Rescue Services.