Boat Explodes on Oregon River



Three people were injured when their boat exploded Friday on the Columbia River, fire officials said.

In a news release, Lt. Damon Simmons said the victims had just finished fueling their boat and were pulling away from the dock when there was an explosion.

Two men and a woman were thrown from the boat into the water, Simmons said. Boaters and bystanders rescued the trio, one of whom was trapped in debris, and helped them reach safety.

By the time firefighters arrived, all three victims were on the dock.

Two of the victims were taken to Oregon Health & Science University hospital while the third -- who suffered more serious injuries -- was rushed to Legacy Emanuel Hospital.

The boat explosion occurred near Salty's Restaurant on Marine Drive. A witness said he heard the blast and saw a large cloud of smoke from his apartment across the river.

The nearby dock fueling station was damaged and the Coast Guard was called in to handle a slick reported in the river.

"They wanted to make sure they had enough fuel and they started one engine, I believe, (then) hit the other one and kaboom. I was standing about two feet away. Oh, I'm happy to be alive," said Gary Krueger, the fuel station's owner.

There is no word on the conditions of the people who were on the boat. Their names have not been released by officials.



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