Ohio FFs Treated for Chem. Exposure


Fire crews are trying to clean up a chemical spill at a local plant.

Battalion commanders said sulfur dioxide leaked out at the Cylinder Processors Inc. plant at 1409 Grandin Road in Hamilton Township at about 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Firefighters said workers at the Kings Mill commerce park in Mainville thought they saw smoke coming from the plant and called 911.

When fire crews arrived on scene, some firefighters walked into a cloud of sulfur dioxide.

A hazmat squad was called out in response to the leak.

"At one point, the situation was very dangerous, mostly for the respiratory, but it was pretty much contained to the area down here so evacuation was needed," Hamilton Township Fire Chief Mark Greatorex said.

Officials said four Hamilton Township firefighters were being examined due to possible exposure. They were taken to Bethesda Arrow Springs Hospital for treatment.

Sulfur dioxide can do serious damage to the lungs, especially during long periods of exposure.

Crews said the company recycles gas canisters, which are supposed to be empty.

Medics said that three people at a nearby strip mall also called 911 because they were feeling ill. The patients were checked out but not taken to a hospital.

Agents from the EPA will be at the site Wednesday to inspect the business.

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