Boston Ladder Truck Report Released


More than a year after Lt. Kevin Kelley was killed when Boston Fire Ladder 26 slammed into a building, an internal investigation into the crash has been completed.

The report released by the Boston Fire Department's Board of Inquiry, made up of union firefighters and civilian staffers, agreed with many of the findings of the district attorney, including that the cause of the crash was brake failure.

But the board also made a series of recommendations, including having the BFD establish a program encouraging the use of seat belts. Kelley was not wearing one at the time of the crash. Seat belt use is not required by state law, but is required under department policy.

The report also said the current motor vehicle accident review policy is poorly written and outdated, and should be updated.

Kelley's family issued a statement Monday saying his death was "unnecessary and preventable," adding "we dearly hope that the lessons learned from his tragic loss of life will help prevent this from happening to any of our hero firefighters again."

Commissioner Roderick Fraser said the department has received several reports with a variety of recommendations for safety improvements, many of which have been implemented.

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