Nashville FFs Injured in Floor Collapse


Six firefighters suffered non-life threatening injuries on Thursday morning while battling a fire on Dinah Court near Ravenwood Country Club in Donelson.

Emergency officials said the floor of the home fell through, trapping three firefighters at about 7:30 a.m. Firefighters on the scene rescued their co-workers and they were transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center.

One other firefighter was later transported. Two additional firefighters were treated and released from Summit Medical Center.

Firefighters treated at Vanderbilt:

  • Cpt. Jimmy Ray Greenwood, 44, 22-year veteran (non-critical; overnight observation for burns and smoke inhalation)
  • Cpt. Michael Sisk, 50, 23-year veteran (non-critical with abdominal and leg injury, expected to be released)
  • Firefighter-paramedic Christina Byers, 29, 5-year veteran (stable with smoke inhalation)
  • Firefighter Christopher Mullican, 33, 8-year veteran (non-critical, treated for smoke inhalation)

Firefighters treated at Summit:

  • Cpt. Michael Meeks, 53, a 23-year veteran (non-critical with an ankle injury, released)
  • Firefighter-paramedic Brian Moat, 41, a 13-year veteran (treated for minor burns and released)

 One person lived at the home, but he was able to escape safely because he said his smoke alarm woke him up.

The cause of the fire is unclear, but the homeowner believes it could be from a heater. The resident believes his dog died in the blaze.

The home was a total loss.

Nashville Fire Department Director Chief Stephen Halford has ordered a formal review of the fire operations.

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