8 Hurt As Car Hits Conn. Salon

MILFORD, Conn. --

Police in Milford said eight people were injured when a car crashed into a nail salon Thursday afternoon.

Police said that at 3:15 Thursday afternoon, multiple 911 calls were received of a car that crashed into Sun Nails on Bridgeport Avenue in Milford.

Multiple units were dispatched and upon arriving, they discovered seven people were injured. Officials immediately began to triage the patients.

Because of the possibility of a weakened structure, the department's technical rescue unit was also dispatched.

Due of the amount of patients, a mass causality incident was transmitted.

Police said four of the patients received advanced life support care while the other four received basic care.

All of the patients were transported to local hospitals.

According to police, five people were with with flying debris and two were hit by the car.

The 52-year-old driver mistakenly stepped on the gas and that's what lead to her driving into the salon, police said.

The driver was not charged.

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