Truck Slams Into Apartment in Ohio


Charges are expected to be filed soon against a woman who drove a truck into a Kettering apartment building without a valid driver's license, police said.

Two people were hospitalized when a truck slammed into an apartment building on Devon Avenue in Kettering Sunday afternoon.

Jennifer Ireland said she was cooking lunch when she heard a loud screeching sound.

Ireland said, "The microwave flew across the kitchen, into the living room, and hit the back of couch where my boyfriend and newborn were sitting."

The boyfriend was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Police say the female driver of the truck was hospitalized with a mild concussion, after she gave her take on what happened.

Kettering Police Lt. William Karolyi said, "She said somebody was on her side of road, so she had to divert and make corrective action. In doing so she went off the roadway and struck the apartment building."

Police say the woman has some serious questions to answer.

She didn't have permission to drive the truck and doesn't have a license, just a temporary permit.

The truck hit the building so hard firefighters had to stabilize the structure to keep it from falling down.

Kettering Fire Dept. Commander Nick Hosford said, "We evacuated part of the building and then went in and shored up part of the building. That made it safe so when pulled vehicle out is wouldn't come down."

Two families were relocated by apartment managers and the Red Cross, and Ireland wasn't happy about it.

"That girl drove into our apartment," she said. "I'm sure she will get to go home and sleep in her bed and we have to worry and wonder where we're going to have to go."

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