Crash Leads To Risky Rescue in Ohio


A crash overnight left a man trapped in his vehicle for 90 minutes before rescuers could free him.

The crash happened on Haddix Road in Clark County, just west of Spangler Road.

State troopers said 39-year-old Richard Risner of Enon lost control of his car, went off the left side of the road and crashed into a power pole.

The pole snapped in two and left live wires hanging too low for crews to free the driver.

Firefighters called in Ohio Edison employees to shut down those lines before they began the rescue operation.

The pole itself was still an obstacle, the bottom half of it went 3 feet into the driver's compartment, pushing Risner into the back seat and the car's engine into the driver's comparment.

Firefighters had to use large braces to prop up the upper portion of the pole to keep it away from the car and keep it from falling during the rescue.

Crews then used the Jaws of Life to cut away exerior doors and interior seats and get to Risner.

Careflight took him to the hospital where he's listed in critical condition.

Mad River Township-Enon Fire department Chief Davis Leist called the rescue process a tough, white-knuckle operation. Leist said, "When you get on scene and you have a victim that can communicate but you can't make access, it is very high stress."

State Troopers are still investigating why Risner lost control of his vehicle.

They are checking the possibility that alcohol was involved and they said Risner will be ticketed for Failure to Control a Motor Vehicle.

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