Texas Boys Rescued from Drainage Ditch


Four boys were rescued from a swollen and raging drainage ditch Wednesday afternoon on the city's West Side.

The boys, ages 12 and 13, were playing near the ditch at the intersection of Overbrook and Babcock Road when one of boys fell in and got swept away, officials said.

The boy's brother also got swept away when he went in to help his sibling. Moments later, the other two boys also got swept away.

A couple of people were able to rescue two of the boys about a mile away at the intersection of Huisache and St. Cloud, but the two brothers kept going for about another mile until a rescue team pulled them out of the water at the intersection of Woodlawn and Bancroft.

The boys were taken to Children's Methodist Hospital as a precaution.

Fire officials said people need to be careful around creeks and ditches during heavy rains.

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