Oklahoma Crews Save Home from Wildfire

EDMOND, Okla. --

Firefighters saved at least one home from burning as a wildfire north of Edmond grazed structures late Friday morning.

The specific area of the fire that nearly caught at least one home on fire is just north of Sorghum Mill Road between Bryant and Coltrane, a street called Blue Gramma Trail. As flames brushed up against the house, fire crews were able to get that part of the blaze contained.

There were no reports of injuries, and Edmond Assistant Fire Chief Tim Wheeler said that there have been no official reports of property damage.

Fire crews were able to get this part of the blaze under control before this home went up in flames.

Wheeler added that were no calls for evacuations. The priority for firefighters, Wheeler said, is to protect life first and then property.

As for crews at the scene, Wheeler said firefighters from Oak Cliff and Deer Creek are there as are crews from other locales. He said the situation was pretty much "all hands on deck."

He said one problem for firefighters was that there were no hydrants in the area because people there use well water.

An Edmond wildfire burned north of town on March 6, inching very close to homes.

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