Atlanta FFs Respond to Death Inquiry



On Thursday morning, Atlanta Firefighters released a statement about how firefighters on the scene responded to 21-year-old Martez McKibben, shot while working on December 4 at the Moreland Package Store.

McKibben was brutally murdered during a armed robbery.

"Much has been made in the media, and by Mr. McKibben's family, concerning patient medical care rendered by Atlanta firefighters who responded to the scene. While the family's pain over their tragic loss is obvious and justified, the responding fire crews actions have proven to be correct.

"Mr. McKibben suffered three gunshot wounds to the head, chest and back from a .40 caliber weapon. Visual inspection of the patient revealed that his wounds were of such a catastrophic nature as not to be survivable. The crews were asked by Atlanta Police to protect the integrity of the crime scene and told the murder weapon was present and the perpetrator still at large in the area.

"The crew confirmed that the patient was obviously dead and removed themselves from the crime scene as quickly as possible, as was appropriate.

"Atlanta Professional Fire Fighters president Jim Daws stated, 'While our hearts go out to the McKibben family, the responding firefighter's conduct was entirely appropriate. Mr. McKibben had suffered .40 caliber gunshot wounds to the head, chest and back that were obviously fatal. The fire crew conducted a visual patient assessment, preserved the integrity of the crime scene and removed themselves from a hazard presented by the continued presence of the murder weapon and possible return by the perpetrator. Atlanta's Fire Fighters save hundreds of lives every year and take great pride in doing so, but in this case, there was nothing more that could be done.'"

Atlanta Fire Capt. Jolyon Bundrige also admitted there was a delay in the investigation into what happened the night McKibben died.

"There were some extenuating circumstances, however the investigation is moving forward," said Bundrige.

When CBS Atlanta asked Bundrige about the circumstances, he replied, "I can't release details until the investigation is complete."

The investigation started after CBS Atlanta gave fire officials surveillance video from the night of Dec. 4. It shows three members of the department walk into the Moreland Package Store, look over the counter at McKibben and walk away.

"The three men are still on active duty," said Bundrige.

CBS Atlanta asked if anything in the video looked like a violation of department protocol.

"The video as well as the owner's statements sparked our interest," said Bundrige.

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