Pa. FF Risks Life to Save Horse


Thirty horses were trapped inside a boarding stable after fire broke out at the Greenmoor Commons Equestrian Center in Cecil Township at about 9 p.m., Monday.

Channel 4 Action News' Ari Hait reported when one horse owner, his wife and her friend realized what was happening, the three ran inside the burning structure to lead the horses to safety.

"Her and my wife started getting horses out to the outer fields and I called 911 and went upstairs from the outside to see if I could put the fire out," said horse owner Bill Hughes.

However, one horse refused to budge.

Hait reported that's when firefighter Paul Williams jumped to action. He knows this particular horse and ran into the burning barn to save her.

"She was standing there, the door was open for her to come out. She didn't want to come out. Basically, I just went in and threw a neck-rub on her and led her out and got her away to safety," said Williams.

All of the horses survived the fire.

The barn is a total loss. So far, there's no word on what may have caused the fire.

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