Christmas Tree Fire Burns Tenn. Home

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The lights on a Clarksville family's Christmas tree caught fire, and, within minutes the flames destroyed their home Saturday.

"It just seemed like the fire come down the hall, and we ran outside, and that was it,” said Cindy Black.

Black’s 12-year-old granddaughter happened to be spending the night when her mobile home caught fire along Briarwood Drive. When she saw the fire, her only thought was to save her visiting relative.

"To get out and get her out of the house," said Black. "It was a total loss. I mean, there was just so much heat. It happened very fast in a trailer."

Within seven minutes, the flames destroyed everything. Firefighters blame the lights on Black’s pre-lit Christmas tree. They said it happens every holiday season because some bulbs put off quite a bit of heat.

"Like any other tree, whether it’s live or plastic, they're just not meant to be on for an extended period of time," said Palmyra Volunteer Fire Department Chief Michael Donaghey.

Black lost her husband to cancer two years ago. Now she’s lost all of her belongings as well. She had already bought most of her Christmas presents, hoping to put them under the tree.

"It's all gone. I just feel I have nothing," said Black.

Her pictures and furniture were destroyed, and Black has nothing but the clothes on her back. What she does have is her granddaughter, who escaped unharmed.

The public can make donations to the Black family by visiting the Palmyra Volunteer Fire Department or by calling 931-326-0501.

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