Young Pa. Volunteer FFs Needed



An effort is under way in Somerset County to draw in young volunteer firefighter, as the numbers of firefighters continue to decline.

The job is a lot to ask of someone with months of training, fighting fires, fundraising, and all without a paycheck. That's why officials say it's getting harder to recruit.

Thursday, fire departments from Conemaugh Township, Somerset County met with students at the high school for a recruitment program. They are looking for teens ages 14 to 18 to become junior volunteers.

With the number of volunteer firefighters declining across the state, departments are trying to focus on the future and getting teens excited about saving lives.

"There's a 10 percent decline almost every year of firefighters so we need to get those numbers up," said coordinator Bob Simonsick. "There are now eight to 12 people in a department when they used to have 20 to 30."

For more information on learning how to fight fires, contact the Conemaugh Township Volunteer Fire Department.


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