Man Nabbed for Theft at Houston Fire Department


A man is accused of stealing from Houston firefighters while they were out on a call, KPRC Local 2 reported Wednesday.

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Prosecutors said Kelvin Peterson, 48, waited until the firefighters at Station 25 in southeast Houston went out on a call on Monday. While they were gone, he broke in, according to the district attorney's office.

"The defendant went inside where they actually live, the locker room inside where the firefighters live, broke in, and was attempting to steal stuff," Assistant District Attorney Donna Hawkins said.

And prosecutors said the stuff that he got was not much.

"He actually stole a $2 bill from one of the firefighter's lockers," Hawkins said. "He was also attempting to steal some computer equipment."

Prosecutors said firefighters returned to their station in the 3900 block of Scott and found Peterson inside.

They said he walked away quickly, but only made it about a block away before they caught up to him and held him for the police.

Hawkins said this wasn't Peterson's first run in with firefighters. According to her, he had been to the station just a few days earlier.

"The defendant had attempted to enter the fire station and steal some computer equipment," Hawkins said. "At that time, some firefighters were actually inside the station and were able to run him off."

But prosecutors said he did not get the message to stay away.

Peterson's record shows seven burglary convictions and one robbery conviction dating back to 1986.

Prosecutors said Peterson is a habitual criminal and are seeking a sentence of 25 years to life in prison for this second-degree felony.

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