Three Firefighters Injured in Florida Wildfire


A fast-growing 1,000-acre wildfire burning on the Volusia-Brevard County line near Lake Harney continues to threaten homes and families.

Eyewitness News has learned that firefighters were hurt while trying to battle the blaze. Officials say three firefighters were injured, but none are life-threatening. However, one firefighter was burned and two others suffered smoke inhalation.

Early Monday afternoon, the fire began to grow in directions it hadn't before, heading due south toward SR-46 and west toward homes.

About 200 homes sit inside the Lake Harney Woods subdivision. All day firefighters have been fighting to contain a fire that has been unpredictable since it began Sunday.

Residents moved out their belongings and sent their children to stay somewhere safe.

"We have a water pump and a big pond. We're just trying to pump some water and douse the house," said a homeowner.

Heat and wind were working against firefighters all day and at around 2:30pm Monday, reinforcements rushed in from Seminole County as the fire moved south.

"Basically there is no safe edge of this fire because we don't know which way the wind is going to push it," said a firefighter.

Firefighters say they are actively protecting about two-dozen structures. Two sheds, a barn and a water pump building have already burned.

A forestry helicopter has dipped into a nearby lake to douse the fire, but with little effect.

Meanwhile residents were still free to come and go in the neighborhood, many removing boats from the area and trailers filled with belongings. Forestry officials say at this point, everyone in the neighborhood should be doing the same.

"Prudent persons in this area might want to remove all their valuables boats, RV's and be leaving," said another resident.

The three injured firefighters were treated and released.

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