Two Large Wildfires Burn Near Florida Homes


Two large wildfires are burning in Central Florida, and at least one homeowner has already been forced to evacuate.

One fire is burning in Volusia County near State Road 46, just north of the Brevard County line near Mims. The fire was only about 10 acres when it started late this afternoon, but has since swelled to more than 300 acres. One homeowner nearby was forced to evacuate, and two dozen other homes were also in danger at one point.

The other wildfire started late Sunday afternoon near Sorrento. So far, that fire has burned more than 130 acres off Highway 46. The fire is only about 20 percent contained.

Homeowners near the Sorrento fire have not been forced to evacuate, but have been told to be prepared to do so at a moment's notice.

More than 60 firefighters worked to contain the flames. So far, they have been able to save at least seven houses.

Eyewitnesses say a power line started the Sorrento fire.

On Sunday there was a total of 42 wildfires burning across Central Florida due, in part, to extremely dry weather conditions.

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