Michigan Arson Injures Firefighter

INKSTER, Mich. --

Police in Inkster are looking for an arsonist and they have an added incentive to make an arrest.

An Inkster firefighter was injured when the ceiling of a burning home fell on him.

Firefighter Injured

Firefighter Richard Burton was with a group of firefighters battling a blaze in a house on Hopkins Street Thursday night. Inkster Fire Chief Mark Hubanks said it was the second intentionally-set fire at that house within 24 hours. "The ceiling of the living room and the floorboards gave way and they came down on one of our firefighters, seriously injuring him. This is something that makes us very angry that somebody would be so callous," Hubanks said.

Firefighter Burton suffered a broken leg and third-degree burns. He is hospitalized but is expected to recover from his injuries.

Investigators believe the second fire was set to cover up evidence from the earlier blaze. Inkster Police Chief Gregory Gaskin believes it to be a case of arson-for-profit and he has a message for the arsonist. "Now you've put someone's life in jeopardy and you've harmed a family so we're coming after you," Gaskin said.

Inkster Mayor Hilliard Hampton said the community is coming together to catch this arsonist and stop this kind of crime. "It's a high crime and won't be tolerated in this community," Hampton said.

Investigators believe the fire was set to collect insurance money. There is a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.