2 Milwaukee Firefighters Fired Over YouTube Video


Two Milwaukee firefighters lose their jobs after posting a video on YouTube that shows them using derogatory language and racial slurs.

On the video, the cameraman asks Marcus Eastern if he likes being a firefighter. Eastern replies, "Yeah, it's alright. It'll do now until I stop selling dope."

Firefighter Marcus Eastern was fired and paramedic Edgar Brooks, also featured in the video, resigned.

Also on the video, Eastern, referring to Brooks, said "Ladies on YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace, if you see this guy give him some."

Fire Chief Douglas Holton said the two misrepresented their positions as city firefighters.

In the video, Eastern and Brooks are joking around at the fire station and while answering questions for the person holding the camera, they used the N-word and other derogatory language.

At one point, Brooks tells the camera man to get the camera out of his face.

Eastern even acknowledges what they're doing is wrong.

"I'm getting in trouble for doing this too. I bet you," said Eastern.

Eventually the men decide to stop recording and the person holding the camera has a disclaimer.

"None of us express the views or opinion of the Milwaukee Fire Department," stated the camera man. The men laugh and then Eastern gives a thumbs up.

The Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Union president said he can not comment because Eastern is still appealing his termination.

The fire department said Eastern was fired because during the investigation he was not honest about the video.

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