Maryland Firefighter Arson Ring Investigation Widens

RIVERDALE PARK, Md. -- Montgomery County Fire & Rescue Service spokesman Pete Piringer confirms his department's fire investigators are currently assisting Prince George's County and ATF agents in the investigation of a series of vacant house fires in Prince George's County.

While Piringer is not saying exactly why the Montgomery County fire investigators are part of the investigative team, sources tell it's because of allegations there is a firefighter arson ring that includes Montgomery County firefighters. More specifically, the sources confirm that at least one of a handful of Prince George's County volunteer firefighters suspended because of the investigation is also a paid, career firefighter in Montgomery County. and first reported Monday evening the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department received allegations at the end of March that volunteer firefighters had been setting fires in vacant homes. Officially, a fire department spokesman will only confirm there is an investigation into six house fires since January of this year.

No arrests have been made. A number of the suspended firefighters are members of the Riverdale Volunteer Fire Department. Riverdale Chief Charles Ryan III said on Monday his department is fully cooperating with county investigators.

Republished with permission of WUSA-TV.

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