Detroit Firefighters Save Couple, Pets


Detroit firefighters saved an elderly couple and their pets from a house fire.

Watch the rescue.

When firefighters arrived on Wildermere house on Tuesday night, a woman was frantically telling them her parents are trapped inside the upstairs bedroom.

"You basically already have on your mind that people may be trapped on the way to the scene," said firefighter Darryl Braxton.

The firefighters rescued the two from the upstairs window with a ladder.

The couple was taken to the hospital treated for smoke inhalation. They are both expected to be OK.

Firefighters also rescued the couple's two dogs, Rusty and Lucky, who were in the basement of the home. Both dogs were unconscious, but the firefighters gave them oxygen treatments and they both woke up.

"You are their lifeline, first and foremost. They don't have anybody but you. You're thinking the same thing as you're rescuing sombody. Hey, that's somebody's pet, somebody's family member," said firefighter Maurice Funchess.

The dogs were taken to get checked out and are expected to be OK.

When called a hero in situations like this, the firefighters said it's funny.

"I'm just a firefighter and I will be back tomorrow to do the same thing," said firefighter Theodore Copley.

Neighbors tell Local 4 they believe the fire was started by two arsonists, but neither police nor fire officials have confirmed.