Suspected Florida Burglar Starts Fire to Escape


A dozen residents at an Orange County apartment complex are back in their homes Friday morning, after a burglary call quickly turned into a bizarre fire rescue scene.

Orange County investigators say a burglary suspect barricaded himself inside an apartment at the Riverfront Apartments on Nelson Circle Thursday night, and eventually started a fire with the hopes that he could make a getaway.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office says that after he was holed up in the apartment he started threatening deputies.

"He made threats that we weren't going to go home in one piece," said Rick Luckey, Orange County Sheriff's Office Commander.

Orange County firefighters were forced to evacuate ten to 12 families from their apartments.

After setting the fire, investigators say the man jumped from a second floor balcony.

Deputies chased the man down but he fought back. Once the suspect was apprehended, deputies had to place a mask over his face because they say he was spitting at them.

Investigators are still trying to find out if the suspect lived in the apartment complex. His name has not yet been released. He was taken to Florida Hospital East because he had a seizure after he was arrested.

There were not any injuries related to the fire. The suspect suffered minor injuries when he jumped off the apartment's balcony.

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