Houston Says Goodbye To Fallen Firefighters

Houston said goodbye Thursday to two men who gave their lives to protect others.

The men said they will dearly miss their fearless captain, but there is one thing they won't miss.

"We won't miss his meatloaf," they wrote. "He tried to cook a 10-pound meatloaf in less than 45 minutes. He would always tell us, 'You know guys, my fingernails are a lot cleaner after I prepared that meal.' Thanks to Capt. Harlow, our immune systems are now iron-clad."

They said they would miss Harlow's chicken and dumplings, chicken and rice, pot roast and hog leg.

They had many memories of Harlow's time in the kitchen.

"Short of a serving spoon, Capt. Harlow would use his entire arm to stir our bucket of tea. Capt. Harlow created his own food group -- butter, butter and more butter."

The firefighters said Hobbs was on the pathway to a great career.

"He was a good rookie -- always reading, always cleaning, always learning," Flanagan read from the letter. "We know he was not with us for long, but we had a lot in common. He served in the military like many of us did. It was obvious that he dedicated his life to public service and to make our world a better and a much safer place. He had what it takes to be a great firefighter."

The firefighters wrote about the final fire.

"We will never forget that night of the fire," they wrote. "The thought of Capt. Harlow and Hobbs will be in our minds forever. It is something that we will have to live with, but we know that they are in Heaven and in good company."

Houston Mayor Bill White offered thanks on behalf of the people who depend on the firefighters.

"We give thanks to the service and the sacrifice. We give it to all the family members. We give it to those involved in our Houston Fire Department and their families," White said. "Life is not measured in days, but in how much we give to others. It's just a fact that we need this reminder from time to time. Faith can overcome death."

White said the two firefighters knew there was a risk and they accepted it on behalf of all the residents of Houston.

"James and Damion will not be forgotten," he said.

The fire chief asked all firefighters and their families attending the service to stand as he thanked them for their service.

"Whenever there is a fire in this city, I'm sure God is asking, 'Whom should I send and who should go for us?' The firefighters always respond, 'Here I am. Send me,'" Boriskie said.

Firefighters from across the state came to Houston to protect the city to allow Houston firefighters to attend the memorial service. Many of them participated in the procession.

The 100 Club and Last Alarm Club are accepting donations to help the men's families.

KPRC Local 2 is hosting a phone bank on Friday from 6 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. to raise money for the 100 Club.

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