Tree Slams Into Atlanta Fire Truck


One Atlanta firefighting crew went from rescuers to victims as they were dealing with a fallen tree Monday. One firefighter told Channel 2 Action News that he came within five feet of death.

The men of truck Company 38 were near the corner of Collier and Linwood when they came upon a downed tree, so they did what firefighters do - they fixed the problem.

"We're here cutting another tree down, you don't feel like another tree is going to fall on top of you while you're cutting another tree down,?? said Hugh Long with the Atlanta Fire Department.

"We were out of the truck, removing trees from the road, and a gust of wind came along and this huge tree fell on top of the rig," said Long.

The firefighters dropped their equipment and ran.

But it wasn't just the tree that fell. Overhead wires came down in a tangle too - within five feet of Cody Riddick's back.

"I was actually underneath the tree when it started falling, so I dove up on the hill and I hit the power line and it was just right above my back. So it was a super close call to almost not being here right now," Riddick said.

Riddick and everyone else are OK.

"I'm just glad my guys are alright and we get to fight another day," said Captain Craig Simmons with AFD.

"I had a daughter seven weeks ago, a new baby, so I'm going to go home and make sure I give her a big hug and kiss," said Riddick.

Once the storm passed, there were three downed trees in the same neighborhood.

Everyone was OK.

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