Tenn. FF Resigns in Sex Scandal



A Nashville firefighter has resigned after he reportedly admitted that he had sex with prostitutes inside the fire hall.

Terry Canady, who was a firefighter for 23 years, admitted it had been going on "for years."

Metro police said Canady was interviewed by police and the FBI after his name surfaced during an investigation into a prostitution ring.

"During the interview, he did admit using the services of a prostitute at the fire hall," said Metro police spokesman Don Aaron.

The police and FBI had been investigating the case of Teresa West. She was arrested in August on suspicion of running a prostitution ring involving girls as young as 16.

"To the best that we can determine at this point, no minors visited him at the fire hall," Aaron said.

Canady reportedly admitted to police he'd had sex with prostitutes at the Murfreesboro Road fire hall, both in the station and in the parking lot.

Canady reportedly also said he had sex with prostitutes while he worked a previous assignment at a Hermitage fire hall.

Now the fire department administration wants to know how someone could have had sex in the fire hall without his coworkers knowing it.

Assistant Chief Kim Lawson says other employees at the fire hall will be interviewed.

"Chief Halford has asked for a review by Human Resources," Lawson said.

Lawson said the fire department confronted Canady Thursday after hearing the allegations from police. He resigned on the spot.

Lawson said, "It certainly causes a problem when this employee reflects his behavior on the others. So, it's upsetting."


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